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Looking Back

Looking back at my life

I can’t believe what I see

Things I said, things I did

Was that person really me.

SDC Closure

My son, Christian Grant Eby, has been a resident of Sonoma Development Center since the age of two. At the time I was told he would possibly not reach the age of 16 years.  We will be celebrating his 52nd birthday next month.  Anyone who has a child with birth defects knows the pain of receiving that devastating news.  His medical issues have continued to be complex to this day. He recently had a gran mal seizure which necessitated 24 hr hospitalization. I was so thankful that in the sudden energency situation he had immediate care. Since then he has had appointments with a cardiologist and a neurologist. He is monitored day and night and is checked by his doctor daily. 

The point I want to make is that my son, as well as all the residents, have been cared for by dedicated caregivers at SDC.  He has had the same two caregivers at SDC for the past ten years. All residents have 24 hr care in a, classified as, Nursing Facility. Without the special care the residents have at SDC  they’re “at risk” for critical situations to arise, even death.

Please, please – anyone who reads this on my blog, help us fight the government, the Brown Administration in particular, and don’t let them take away the “home” these residents have ever known. The mortality rate of past resident transfers to community settings was 80%. We just can’t let this happen.

Thank you.

The Wind

I wish the wind could carry me away

To wherever it’s path does flow

High above the Earth I’d play

As it glides me to and fro

The wind can be fierce and cold

To one who’s afraid to fly

But if you let your imagination take hold

Together you can reach the sky!


Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11
It happened on a morning in September
A day that began as any other day
But sadly became a time to remember
The loss of life in such a terrible way.

Although years have now gone by
Those events are still fresh in our mind
How could so many Americans die
How could others be so unkind.

We the people of America
Will not waiver in our belief
That we are the greatest Nation
And can shoulder all the grief.

September 11th will always be with us
We won’t forget those who died that day
We will heal our Nation – that is fair and just
In a very American way.


Hello world!

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